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Cheung Tat Ming convinces his son that making faces can treat a fever
Adam Wong and J.Arie support Hong Kong artists
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The 2013 Hong Kong Arts Development Council award took place two nights ago. Having just finished his new film THE CROSSING (TAI PING LUN), director John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) received the "award for outstanding contributions in arts". Cheung Tat Ming presented "award for Best artist (drama)" to his Academy for Performing Arts classmate Chan Bing Chiu. He said, "When Chung King Fai looked forward someone to play a miner, (Anthony) Wong Chau Sun was in the running too. In the end it was going to either me or Chan Bing Chiu. We took off our shirts, who knew he had chest muscles! Finally I lost!"

Cheung Tat Ming revealed that his son had a fever, which led him to invent a way to reduce fever. "I tricked my son to go online and find a way to reduce a fever by making faces. We made faces together, in the end his fever really subsided. Thus I plan to make a movie and apply for a patent, so I can get rich from it."

Adam Wong Sau Ping received the "award for best artist (film)". He said that the police drove away many film students when they shot on the streets for homework. He hoped that the government would support local artists. Wong Sau Ping also said that he definitely would make a THE WAY WE DANCE (KONG MO PAI) sequel, but it might not be until the end of next year. He said that the biggest gain from THE WAY WE DANCE was on the day its box office reached 10 million, the film's place of origin, an open space in the Polytechnic University, announced the lifting of its ban as it was opened for everyone to dance.

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