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Max Zhang holds his wife Ada Choi tight and his award high, everyone can feel his excitement
Max Zhang's speech gets a wave of Like online
Ada Choi gets teary eyed during Max Zhang's declaration of love
Max Zhang and Ada Choi share their love online
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"Ma San" Max Zhang Jin with the film THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor. On the stage she thanked his wife Ada Choi Siu Fun. "At our wedding we said that we would share the same path in any storm. We have had storms, I hope to have more scenery from now on." In the audience Choi Siu Fun shed tears of joy, even those online were touched. This speech went viral online and won over 40,000 likes.

People online reacted positively to Zhang Jin's declaration of love and was even happy for Choi Siu Fun. "Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Zhang! Choi Siu Fun, from now on I will call you 'Mrs. Zhang Jin'. She will be super happy!"

"The couple has suffered a lot, she has given without any regard for return, he has worked hard for his family! Both has a common goal to be able to maintain their love!"

"Whether real or fake, when a husband is willing to make declarations in front of others, a wife of course feels sweet inside."

"Sharing the same path in any weather is not something that every couple can share, Mr. Zhang you don't need to pity yourself. A couple doesn't need to say who depends on who, they support each other mutually."

Some online also compared Mr. and Mrs. Zhang with the former couple Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi. "With much lament, back then at the Hong Kong Film Award, Pak Chi and Ting Fung also had such a touching scene. Their love also affected many, but in the end......"

However, Zhang Jin gave his speech in Putonghua and attracted attacks from Hong Kong. "A man of a certain age 'marries' his way into Hong Kong, he obviously knows how to speak Cantonese but he doesn't. Go back to the Mainland and make a living."

"Aside from congratulation, I also hope that at the next chance Mr. Zhang has to win an award in Hong Kong would give his speech in Cantonese! This is Hong Kong, the native tongue isn't Putonghua."

Two nights ago at the celebration, Zhang Jin joked that during the shoot he became the father of two daughters and was very happy to receive Wong Kar Wai's compliment for improving performance. If he asked him to work together again, he would agree no matter how busy he would be. Wong Kar Wai said, "Hong Kong has fewer and fewer action actors. Zhang Jin has a lot of potential and should be very excellent." Zhang Jin was asked if he received any reward from Choi Siu Fun. He sweetly said, "She doesn't need to, everyday is a reward." Would they have another baby as a reward? Zhang Jin said, "Is that a reward? That is a punishment!"

Zhang Jin yesterday posted, "Last night to me is a night without sleep. Well wishes from friends everywhere I will keep in my pocket of life. A new start, keep on going, I remind myself: be humble, work hard, be grateful!" Choi Siu Fun flirted with her husband online, "Dear, being able to be your wife, I truly feel proud! 'Sharing the same path in any weather' is our wedding vow! I have to be humble to have such a great husband, I have to work hard on being Mrs. Zhang and be grateful for the Heavenly Father for leading us into this family! Finally thank you every friend, fan, family, confidant, manager, star for your love and blessing."

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