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Juno Mak is disappointed for Nina Paw
Kara Wai now has won both Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress
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RIGOR MORTIS (GEUNG SI) two nights ago won Best Visual Effects and Best Supporting Actress at the Hong Kong Film Award, director Juno Mak Chun Lung after the show led the team to celebrate with hot pot casserole. Mak Chun Lung was not disappointed when he did not win Best New Director. "Ultimately it is a game, RIGOR MORTIS won two awards anyway. The biggest surprise is Best Visual Effects, many people wouldn't think of Hong Kong when special effects are mentioned. It is not that Hong Kong's are bad, only the development space is limited." He is writing a script about the drug trade, the soonest it will start production will be next year. He also has turned down the offer to make RIGOR MORTIS 2 (GEUNG SI 2).

Mak Chun Lung was disappointed that Nina Paw Hee Ching and Anthony Chan Yau did not win. "Sister Bau rarely plays this type of character, in one scene she even got sick from the fight." Mak Chun Lung joked that the special effect company despite the dangers of "closing" still trusted him, which made him feel very encouraged.

The fresh out of the oven Best Supporting Actress Kara Wai Ying Hung said that since winning Best Actress at the 29th Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress she had no Hong Kong film offer. "I seemed very busy, but all the jobs were in the Mainland. This time I agreed without knowing what the salary would be, because I really wanted to make a movie in Hong Kong." Wai Ying Hung got choked up and said, "It's just like what I would work for (Ricky) Wong Wai Kay, I want to support variety. For so many years no one asked me to work again. Actually I started there, I felt a little abandoned."

Chan Yau's mood was not affected despite not winning Best Supporting Actor. He praised his opponent Zhang Jin for his good performance. Will he remain active on screen? Chan Yau said, "With suitable characters I definitely will!"

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