Thursday, June 1, 2017


Sammo Hung
Yasuaki Kurata
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The Gordon Chan Ka Seung film GOD OF WAR will open in Hong Kong on the 15th. After years in preparation, the project's action and special effects reached international quality. As the Chinese title implied, this was a story about the war against piracy. The Ming Dynasty God of War and the famous pirate hunting general worked together with 3,000 soldiers to defeat the pirate fleet of 20,000.

Many of the pirates at the time were rumored to be Japanese who lost in battle but did not dare to kill themselves. Because they were too ashamed to see their family, they took to the sea. Thus many of them were not only chauvinistic but also loved to show off to balance their self pity inside. As the head of the pirates, Yasuaki Kurata and the young commander Keisuke Koide felt more righteous. Their fight scenes with God of War added a martial art expression of mutual admiration. Everyone knew about Yasuaki Kurata's martial art background. This time as the strongest villain he was beyond tough, wily yet bold, scheming yet remembering the honor of a gentleman. Chan Ka Seung and Big Brother Big Sammo Hung Kam Bo had nothing but praise for Yasuaki Kurata. "After so many years he is still agile, which is truly admirable!"

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