Thursday, June 1, 2017


Chrissie Chau, Babyjohn Choi and  Kearen Pang celebrate Joyce Cheng's birthday
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Earlier was Joyce Cheng Yun Yi's 30th birthday. Chan Suk Fun and a group of family and friends celebrated with her and made a Hong Kong Coliseum shaped birthday cake in hopes that Yun Yi would fulfill her dreams of a solo concert at the HK Coliseum and a Best Actress Oscar award! Yun Yi happily said that she really liked this birthday cake. He even asked, "Why does ths cake look so much like the HK Coliseum?"

In addition, the film 29+1 has been a critical and commercial hit since its Hong Kong and Macau release. Today the film opens in the Mainland. Earlier the team went to promote in Dongguan and held an outdoor event. Over 1,000 people attended. That day happened to be Yun Yi's "29+1" birthday. The event prepared a cake cutting ceremony on the stage for fans and Yun Y to celebrate together. Later the team went to many local cinemas for audience appreciation events. When they returned to rest at the hotel, director Kearen Pang Sau Wai after a surprise birthday party for Chrissie Chau Sau Na held another one for Yun Yi. When Sister Na and BabyJohn (Choi Hong Yik) pushed a cart with a birthday cake and champagne, she was both surprised and pleased. Everyone sang the birthday song. Yun Yi made a wish. "I wish everyone I know good health, happiness everyday, big box office success, and finding Mr. Right soon!"

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