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Jackie Chan performs a mid air flip but when he lands he is too busy with chatting that he forgets to take off the safety harness
Mini Yang
Zhang Jingchu
Celina Jade

Yuen Biao
Sammo Hung
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Jackie Chan Action Movie Week award ceremony took place last night in Shanghai. Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Chin Kar Lok, Derek Yee Tung Sing, Mini Yang Mi, Yuen Biao, Yuen Qiu and others appeared on the red carpet. Jackie Chan said that every year he wanted to give up, but now it is already the third year. He pointed out that many Oscars went to dramas and were unfair to kung fu actors. He hoped through this award to honor his colleagues. He said, "Kung fu film actors used to know how to fight, now they also have to know how to act. Hung Kam Bo even knows how to edit and direct. Tonight I won't compete in any award of the movie week out of fairness. I hope from now on this event can keep going, even when one day I won't be able to continue." Hung Kam Bo earlier suffered from leg injury. Last night he stated that he wanted to fight for 60 more years so he was considering whether to have an operation or not. Tsang Chi Wai said that earlier the Jackie Chan Stunt Team 40th anniversary event took place in Beijing and he ran into many gold friends, brought back a lot of past film production memories. What everyone talked about over two nights was enough material to make into a comedy film.

Yuen Wah said that he came to support Big Brother Jackie Chan. He was very happy to have this movie week, which enabled the entire Yuen stunt team to have an annual reunion. Would they have any chance to work together? Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu both said that was up to Jackie Chan. Would they help Jackie Chan with new comer instruction? Yuen Wah suggested for new comers to follow them on the set and learn as they work. In addition Emil Chau Wa Kin and his son also walked the red carpet. Chau Wa Kin said that Jackie Chan invited him to sing. Since his son has not walked the red carpet, they brought him for the experience. Would they work together? Chau Wa Kins said that his acting was poor while his son said that his singing was poor. Would they have a chance to work with Jackie Chan? Chau Wa Kin said, "Let's see, we already can learn a lot from attending."

When Jackie Chan landed on the wires he was unable to remove the harness. He went back to the air to chat with everyone. When the Seven Little Fortunes appeared, they got a standing ovation. The event played the song that Jackie Chan recorded for this with the brethren's training footage. Hung Kam Bo was teary eyed. Yuen Biao even had to wipe his tears. Yuen Qiu had to turn around and cover her mouth from crying. Jackie Chan stated that their Master taught them the ways of life. Now that the Master and his wife were no longer with them, he invited the big brother Hung Kam Bo to speak. Hung Kam Bo joked, "You don't need to kiss my ass, actually we the Seven Little Fortunes have been together for already 58 years. We are older than anyone here. To be able to see each other in good health isn't easy at all!"

Last night the Best Action Director went to Dante Lam Chiu Yin. The Best Action Actor and Actress went to Scott Edward Adkins and Yang Mi.

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