Friday, June 16, 2017


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Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Michelle Wai Sze Nga worked together on the film ALL MY GODDESS (NUI YUN WING YUEN SI DUI DIK). For their first collaboration they already played a couple. Ah Chung praised how picturesque the Penang scenery was, shooting on location there was as comfortable as being on vacation. Sze Nga disagreed and said that the shoot was very tough, because Ah Chung kept playing pranks on her. "When I had to make a serious crying scene, he would keep joking around. So I had it very tough, it was very hard to work! I would be acting very seriously and he would be in slow motion, since the camera was on me I couldn't laugh!"

Ah Chung said that he played pranks on Sze Nga but he already was "heavily penalized". He revealed that the team used a real crab on him. "In one scene a crab had to pinch my toe. They got a real crab and upset it so it really pinched me! It was pretty painful, but I toughed it out. (Were you bleeding?) Just a little." He revealed that in the film he won her won with his sincere heart. Sze Nga admitted that she really accepted that, in real life she would like to find a simple other half. "All the twists and turns may be just to find someone who can make me laugh. (Ah Chung said that the romantic scenes were like finding first love again?) That's right! We were very shy, it was very funny."

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