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Venus Wong Man Yik in the film ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT (GUM MAN DA SONG SI) made her make up run and slept in a wedding gown in a garbage pile. She even changed her goddess image to play a tae kwon do master.

In one scene Wong Man Yik was dumped, ran into Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Michael Ning (Bak Ji) and received their encouragement. For this scene Wong Man Yik appeared in a wedding gown and cried until her mascara ran. No wonder she said that she even frightened herself. She admitted that because later they wanted her character to be a little different, the team suggested for her to practice Tae Kwon Do for more action scenes. She was able to handle them and said that this character was very different from her past ones. It was her first portrayal of a kung fu fighter. Because she did not have much time to prepare, the coach suggested for her to fully stretch. She also said that while working on her TVB series NEVER DANCE ALONE she had to perform a split, but she was only able to go half way down. However this time she had to have basic skills to be able to perform the kicks on camera. She said, "The hardest part was I had the flu whenever I had action scenes. I couldn't even have congee. Luckily when I didn't have a fight scene, Cheung Kai Chung would ask me to sit in his private chair to rest and sleep. Finally the result was OK."

Speaking of action scenes in a wedding gown, she admitted that it was not easy. Because the cut of the gown was tight, she felt even her stomach shrank. She only had to eat a little to be very fully. She said, "Usually the wedding gown would give people the impression of elegance and joy, but this time was the complete opposite. I would be very upset, emotional and crazy, but I thought it was very cool." Was she interested in becoming an action actress? She said that she has always liked martial art action. This time she had the chance to try it and she would head toward that direction.

Did her boyfriend Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung give her any advice? She admitted that during the shoot he was constantly working abroad, so after returning to Hong Kong he would visit the set. She sad, "He has always thought that I was very suitable for action films, but he never gives any advice. Only when I was working on his movie he would have any. (Would you like to work with him?) Let it take its natural course. If I am in front of him I probably would be very natural."

Wong Man Yik was very happy about working with Carrie Ng Ka Lai and Alex Man Chi Leung. They had a lot of spark on the set and watching them at work was like watching a movie. She also praised Man Chi Leung for frequently giving her advice. When her skills would improve and she would run into new actors she hoped to be able to treat them like Man Chi Leung. While working on the Ng Ka Lai directed KNOCK KNOCK WHO'S THERE, she taught her how to explore the character.

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