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The Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Michael Ning (Bak Ji), Alex Man Chi Leung starred film ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT (GUM MAN DA SONG SI) was based on Hong Kong writer Yu Yi's best selling novel of the same name. Having known each other for over 20 years, Cheung Kai Chung and Bak Ji worked together for the first time on a film. Bak Ji said that his character was basically a wasted youth, but he always had dreams. He felt that he could save the world. When zombies attacked Hong Kong, with Ah Chung's encouragement they went to fight zombies. It was a hot blooded story.

Cheung Ka Chung said that in the film he and Bak Ji came from the Performing Art Academy. On and off camera they were brothers. Cheung Kai Chung said that the plays that they worked together on were all disasters, the production and not the genre because they lost money each time. They had a very hard time and even had to move props around themselves. However their taste in comedy was similar, like only they would laugh at it in the entire world. When brothers worked together would they also criticize each other? Bak Ji said that they would not. Cheung Kai Chung said that because they were similar they were very numb. He would feel whatever Bak Ji did was funny. They were very accepting of each other. Would he and Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling have any intimate scene? Cheung Kai Chung said, "There might be, but I didn't know if Bak Ji said anything. Now it's gone. In the story I still was in pursuit, no physical contact. However Bak Ji was very professional and didn't interfere with us. During the shoot Bak Ji just got out of the way."

Playing father and son with Man Chi Leung, Bak Ji stated that he felt the pressure. "His presence was very strong, he was able to bring everyone into character very easily. I was completely convinced that he was my Papa." Did he have any pressure from publicizing his romance with Ngan Cheuk Ling during the shoot? Bak Ji said, "Ng Ka Lai, Brother Man Ji are very friendly, with Cheung Kai Chung I don't have much pressure. We are great together, very happy."

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