Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Timmy Hung has learned a lot from working with his father
Sammo Hung
courtesy of on.cc

In GOD OF WAR, Big Brother Sammo Hung Kam Bo's several featured fight scenes were fantastic, his sparring with Vincent Zhao Wenzhou even set off spark. Big Brother Hung humbly said that he was only an actor in this film, he did not design any action scene. However director Gordon Chan Ka Seung had nothing but praise for Big Brother, saying that for Big Brother Hung and Zhao Wenzhou's sparring they would study it on the set basically then create action that was even higher quality than the original. Director Chan Ka Seung remembered their staff sparring the most. They almost automatically fought, during which they reacted to each other then responded to the other's reaction. It was a fight scene with exchanges. After the final stunt in this scene, Big Brother Hung also automatically added one more blow and tossed the staff toward Zhao Wenzhou. Zhao Wenzhou did not expect it but was able to quickly react and catch it. The director felt that this action was even more exciting than their original design and broke into applause with joy. "This take was great! We will use this one!"

The film production quality was rather high. The media that have seen it said that they never imagined a film production would be so detailed. The action scenes and the actor performance were rather entertaining. Aside from Hung Kam Bo and Timmy Hung Tin Ming, another Hong Kong actor in the film was Michael Tong Man Lung. He too had a series of action scenes. The actors in the film often showed off their firm chest muscles, leaving female viewers unable to help themselves.

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