Monday, June 12, 2017


Maggie Cheung Ho Yi gets into lingerie to seduce Christopher Lee
Clifton Ko praises Maggie Cheung Ho Yi for not needing too many takes
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Maggie Cheung Ho Yi worked with Clifton Ko Chi Sum on the new film ALL MY GODDESS (NUI YUN WING YUEN SI DUI DIK) and had a lingerie scene to show off her cleavage as she attempted to seduce Singaporean actor Christopher Lee. She said, "The director didn't ask me to wear it, but I feel it looks good. Actually it's child's play."

Speaking of Cheung Ho Y's many one take emotional scenes, she said, "I am an 'one take actor' because only the first take is the realest and the freshest in feeling." Ko Chi Sum praised Ho Yi, "Ho Yi and Kwan Ho had a scene, in which she ran over all the flaws of her husband. Everything that she bottled up for 3, 5 or 7 years, Ho Yi was able to shed 4 drops of tears at the most beautiful spot. As for the jerk seduction scene, Ho Yi came in a bathrobe. As soon as she opened it, I really didn't know how to yell cut! I would give Ho Yi 100 points. Some said that they wanted to see Ho Yi on television again, I don't! If she went to work on television, when would she have he time to make movies?"

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