Sunday, June 4, 2017


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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Isabel Chan Yat Ning and June Lam Siu Ha yesterday attended the LOVE OFF THE CUFF Original Soundtrack EP autograph session in Kowloon as their group in the film MKB48. At the event they not only played games with the fans but also personally designed their future MKB48's debut record cover. Chin Wa joked that their photos like wanted posters. Lam Siu Ha jokingly drew two cherries for Chin Wa, which Chan Yat Ning joked that she was making fun of her figure.

After playing the "overage Hermione" at her son Torres' fifth birthday, yesterday Chin Wa said that she had to be a "big age grl" to form MKB4 as "39+4". She felt that it could keep going. With their chemistry they could do a lot, like concerts, records, musicals and television series. They could even work on spin offs of those around Cherie.

Chin Wa also happily said that their song LEGEND has become a children song. She revealed that even her son was singing it. Later she took out her photo to show a video of her son saying LEGEND in the car. Chin Wa said, "My son knows that I was shooting a video of him. After two verses he said that he was done. I suspect that his classmates know how to sing it too. (Torres knows your songs?) I knows how to sing my songs, but in front of me he would sing other people's songs. He really is unpredicted like a Gemini."

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