Friday, June 9, 2017


Zhou Xun is stuck between Wallace Huo and Eddie Peng
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Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo play a couple
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The Ann Hui On Wa directed, Zhou Xun, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and Wallace Huo starred film OUR TIME WILL COME will open in Hong Kong on July 6th. The film's background was Hong Kong's 3 year and 8 month long Japanese occupation. After the production began Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo played a couple for 11 months. Wallace Huo had nothing but praise for Zhou Xun's acting. He described that Zhou Xun not only performed well herself, she was also able to bring her co-stars into character. He cherished the chance to work with her very much.

In the film Zhou Xun had a relationship with both male leads, but Zhou Xun said that after the production ended she still had no idea who her character ended up with. She said, "I asked the director, the director didn't give me any clear answer either."

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