Thursday, June 1, 2017


Jan Tse, Bob Lam
Jan Tse is about to hit her co-star with an umbrella
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Jan Tse Ch Lun earlier worked with Bob Lam Sing Bun, Don Li Yat Long and Raymond Chiu Wing Hung on the film GONG WU SAM SOR (3 MOB IDIOTS). Jan said, "This is our first collaboration, but we have great chemistry. The three of them are comedy experts, during the shoot we came up with a lot of funny spots together! This time my character is a Wise Girl. Although she stutters I have a lot of lines. I have to spend a lot of effort on how to grasp the stuttering but also for the audience to hear my lines clearly. After the wrap, I get used to stuttering. I have to spend some time to correct it! I like this character because I want to shake off my usual mild mannered character image. This time I got my fill of acting! The most memorable is the kidnapping scene. I am not brave at all. In the story I have to hit my co-star on the head with an umbrella. I am very afraid that I would hurt him, but if I hit too lightly it isn't convincing. He is very professional and tells me to just hit it. The scene is completed successfully, and I breathe a sigh of relief!"

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