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Louis Koo and his on screen family dance with the star of MEOW
Child star Liu Chutian is beloved on the set
Louis Koo and Ma Li praise Tiantian as an outstanding actor
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Louis Koo Tin Lok tried music years ago. In recent years he focused on development in the film industry and rarely danced. However in the Emperor Motion Picture MEOW he "danced" again with the giant cat star, the Mainland series The LEGEND OF MI YUE's 6 year old child star Liu Chutian, Mainland actress Ma Li and youth group H2K member Andy Huang as they rehearsed the "cat dance" in an arena.

Goo Jai was able to memorize all the beats and dance steps in 10 minutes, let go of his cool guy image and conquered the "Sailor Moon" pose, the arm raising and hip shaking dance steps one by one. The crew was surprised. "Goo Jai's knack for dancing has truly been buried over the years!" The credit for Goo Jai's childlike innocence of course went to his on screen daughter Tiantian. With her cute expressions and gestures she captured the hearts of everyone on the set.

The Benny Chan Muk Sing directed MEOW will open this summer. Aside from Koo Tin Lok, it will also have the giant alien cat. From preparation, production to post production work, the film took a year and a half to make. After the computer generated post production, the cat would appear like a real cat. Goo Jai said that working with the cat was refreshing. "I haven't done it before, but this time was a lot of fun. You will get to see how energetic and lively it is."

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