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Angela Yuen calls King funny
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Angela Yuen Lai Lam, King@C AllStar, Kylie Li (Lee Yam Sun), Sean Pang Wing Sum and director Emily Chan Nga Lei two nights ago attended their film OUR SEVENTEEN (NA YUT NIN, NGOR 17)'s audience appreciation event in school uniforms in Diamond Hill.

Yuen Lai Lam sad that King looked very funny in a school uniform. King said that Johnny Depp has always been his idol. For his first movie he realized that he liked to make comedy even more. Yuen Lai Lam also revealed that when he was not in a scene he would watch Stephen Chow Sing Chi's funny film videos. King said, "After this time, next time maybe no one would ask me to make another movie. I am a music so music comes first. The first time I saw my head up there I really wasn't used to it, the had really was very big!" He also said that he experienced Yuen Lai Lam's goddess halo, as everyone had a lot of fun from working together.

Yuen Lai Lam said that she after chatting with King learned that they both were very stubborn and persistent people. Would they have any chance to develop? King said, "Next movie? Or perhaps musically we would. Her voice is very sweet. I hope in music we would have a chance to work together." The other three members of C AllStar earlier said that King could be Ronald Cheng Chung Kei's successor. He said that Ronald has a lot of experience while he just started. He would have to spend several more decades before we would be able to.

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