Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Pierce Brosnan plays a politician with a connection to the Irish Republic Army
"Cho Chang" Katie Leung plays Jackie Chan's daughter
courtesy of mingpao.com

The Chinese American co-financed action film THE FOREIGNER will open in October, with CASINO ROYAL's director Martin Campbell and former "James Bond" Pierce Brosnan. After the poster was released last week, two days ago the first trailer appeared.

THE FOREIGNER was based on English writer Stephen Leather's 1992 novel THE CHINAMAN. In the flm Jackie Chan played a London Chinatown restaurant boss. One day when he dropped his daughter at school, he witnessed her death at the hands of a Irish Republican Army bomb. To avenge his daughter, he decided to personally catch the culprit. During his investigation he realized that the Pierce Brosnan played politician actually had a connection with the terrorists. Thus he began his revenge plan.

Jackie Chan said that the new film meant a great deal for him. "This character was rather serious, required a lot of emotional investment. So when I prepared for it, I imagined myself to be the father. If I faced the same situation what would I do?"

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