Thursday, June 1, 2017


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Mainland film star Zhou Xun has been away from the film industry for 2 years. She worked on the film OUR TIME WILL COME (MING YUET GEI SI YAU) with Taiwan star Eddie Peng Yu-Yan. The film held a press conference in Beijing. Hong Kong director Ann Hui On Wa, Wallace Huo, Guo Tao and Jessie Li (Chun Xia) also attended.

Zhou Xun said that she wanted to experience Hui On Wa's thinking process and communication with actors long ago. On the set she was able to act in peace, "Everything is good." Peng Yu-Yan said that he was often bullied while in school in Canada. The subject of Chinese being bullied around the world should be introduced to even more people. He had a lot of fun to be able to participate.

All three male stars claimed to be Zhou Xun's fans. Peng Yu-Yan has worked with Zhou Xun on ALL ABOUT WOMEN but had no scene with her. Working together again, he admired very much that Zhou Xun was able to rely on "feeling" to act in the film. He called Zhou Xun "too handsome".

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