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Fiona Sit and Janine Chang
Gillian Chung plays a mistress
Mei Ting jumps away as Julian Cheung throws prop body parts into the crowd
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Gillian Chung, Mei Ting, Julian Cheung
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The film GIRLS VS. GANGSTERS (GWAI MUK 2 ji DAN TIU YUET NAM HAK BONG)'s director Barbara Wong Chun Chun led the lead actresses Fiona Sit Hoi Kei and Janine Chang onto the red carpet. The two stars kept offering kisses to each other on the red carpet, later they even puckered up to kiss director Wong Chun Chun. The addition of Janine Chang made the other lead Sit Hoi Kei very excited, because in real life all three leads were super close BFFs. Sit Hoi Kei even said that even when she did 9 GIRLS VS. GANGSTERS interviews in a day, she would not feel tired. Instead she felt they were a lot of fun because in the past she often did them alone. This time she was able to be interviewed with good sister Janine Chang. The interviews due to their sister like relationships were less than traditional. For example they had to play pranks on each others, the process of which Sit Hoi Kei enjoyed a lot.

The new horror film THE CINEMA THAT NEVER DIES' producer Gordon Chan Ka Seung, director Chie Jen-Hao and stars Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Gillian Chung Yun Tung, Mei Ting, Geng Le, Wang Shuilin even attended the press conference that was themed for that evening, "Night of Returning Spirits". In the film some of the actors looked sharp in Republic era clothing. The "owner" of the number 81 address, Chilam even brought his other to celebrate the "relocation". He said that he inherited his Mama's natural beauty. Ah Gil revealed that Chilam was prohibited from maintaining his appearance because his wife was jealous. Playing a Republic commander, Chilam had his wife Mei Ting and mistress Ah Gil. During the press conference, the always mischievous Chilam even tossed the decorations of infant corpses and body parts into the audience. The audience was not only terrified but he also added some horror atmosphere.

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