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The Gordon Chan Ka Seung directed new film GOD OF WAR invited Vincent Zhao Wenzhou to be the lead actor, but one of the big focus was the father and son team of Sammo Hung Kam Bo and Timmy Hung Tin Ming. Tin Ming said that he was very happy to learn that Papa had a part in the film, but felt helpless about them not having any scene together. He said, "It's very regrettable, disappointing, I don't get to hit him!" For Big Brother Sammo action scenes could not be more familiar. For his first collaboration with Zhao Wenzhou they already appreciated each other as they fought with a lot of chemistry. Big Brother Sammo said, "I am an all purpose plug, I can work with actors from anywhere. I also know how to accommodate with stunts and timing!" Big Brother had to wear a several dozen pound armor to fight with Zhao Wenzhou in a prison. He said that he also appreciated how great ancient people were in kung fu and even more physically fit.

As for Tin Ming's kung fu, Big Brother Sammo said that he has always been strict and would not speak up with any advice. Whatever he taught him in childhood was it. He would only share his experience with his son. Tin Ming said, "Action wise I inherited it from Pa, I have a little natural talent. I have been training on the set since I was little as I practiced kicks with the stunt team. If Pa was the director, I would have a lot of pressure with control of my character. Actually all three of us brothers are in this business. We all want to work with Pa once. Now we are coming up with a script."

Would he permit his grandsons to perform? Big Brother mightily said, "No, I only want to send my grandson to the Shaolin Temple for the summer so he can learn obedience." Does his grandson have any knack for kung fu? Big Brother said that he did not know. Tin Ming said, "Every child is very active, but right now he should study first. Earlier he was distracted and the teacher wanted to meet the parents. My wife thought that he wouldn't be promoted to the next grade, so now we are not going on vacation. We would enroll our son in Emotional Quotient classes in hope of elevating his self control and concentration." Big Brother said, "Sending him to the Shaolin Temple is right. It's not for him to learn kung fu, but for training his obedience and order. The lack of concentration requires more practice!" Tin Ming did not dare to disagree. "Later, he is obedient. He is just distracted from playing. We will teach him slowly, now he already has a lot of extracurricular activities."

If he works with his three sons on a movie, would he be willing to hit them? Big Brother Sammo laughed, "I don't know! I am guessing that none of the three would fight with me!" Tin Ming said, "It would depend on the script, but I definitely won't be any match for him. No matter what I have to hit once or twice!" Tin Ming said that now he and Papa both have offices. If he made the movie he hoped that Papa's salary would not be too much. Would Big Brother take a father and son rate? He said, "I wouldn't charge less, I would charge more. I would rather take the money and give some to him. Out of 3 million I would give him 2 million." Tin Ming gradually switched to behind the scenes, but he said that he still had a contract with TVB. He only hoped to have a good character before returning to television, as he no longer wanted to play support roles.

With Father's Day on the way, Tin Ming said that he would have to work in Beijing and would not be able to watch his son's performance at school. However earlier he tried to turn down the job on Father's Day to watch his son's performance. He admitted that after his sons' births the family became closer. He would also take more time to spend with Big Brother Sammo. With one brother in Taiwan, another in Beijing, and sister in the U.S. earlier, the whole family got together for the birth of Tin Ming's sons. Every year the entire family would take the children on vacation. Papa would also go to dinner with his grandsons on his return.

Would Big Brother like more grandchildren? Big Brother said, "I do! One is not enough for me everyday. I have three sons, if three have three then there would be nine, with three from my daughter there would be twelve." Tin Ming said, "Papa wants a girl, but give me a little time. It's not a money problem, it's an ability and time to take care of them. Now two is just right. Yet Pa and my wife both want a girl. Maybe after a few years, I hope my brothers would help so I don't feel like I am being forced to."

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