Monday, June 26, 2017


Producer Jackie Chan with RESET stars Wallace Huo and Mini Yang
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The Jackie Chan produced new film RESET held a Beijing press conference. Leads Wallace Huo and Mini Yang Mi attended. The duo reunited after CHINESE PALADIN 3. Yang Mi praised Wallace Huo for being more mature. She also received praise for being even more serious at work. Jackie Chan mentioned that Wallace Huo in the film played the villain. In general handsome guys disliked playing the villain, but handsome guys could play villains for 70 or 80 years. "Little Fresh Meat" could easily be a flash in the pan. Wallace Huo thanked Jackie Chan for giving him the opportunity to play the villain and he would continue to develop in that direction. Earlier Yang Mi won the Best Action Actress award at the Shanghai Film Festival's Jackie Chan Action Movie Week. Jackie Chan was not on the jury. When Yang M won he was worried about accusation of unfairness. He asked the jury why Yang Mi would win and not Kara Wai Ying Hung? The jury's response was that Wai Ying Hung had less action scenes in the film, most of them were just of her running. Yang Mi was not an action actress but she personally performed a lot of the stunts. He reminded Yang Mi that being an action actress was very difficult, she should be an actress who could fight and not be an actress who would only fight.

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