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Eason Chan, Li Yitong, Li Ronghao
Li Yitong enjoys some roast pork
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Chris Collins and Eason Chan
Chan Kwok Kwan and Li Ronghao
Li Yitong lands the lead in her first film
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The film KEEP CALM AND BE A SUPERSTAR (NGOR DAI GUI SING) yesterday held its worship ceremony at the Shing Fung Film Studio. Director vincent Kok Tak Chiu, actors Eason Chan Yik Shun, Li Ronghao, Li Yitong, Chan Kwok Kwan and Wilfred Lau Ho Lung attended. Dressed in a pink Chinese suit, Eason looked a lot like Big Brother Jackie Chan. He demonstrated a few kung fu moves during the interview and looked just like Big Brother!

Playing an action superstar, Chan Yik Shun was dressed like a Chinese suit. When asked if he impersonating Big Brother Jackie Chan, Eason said, "Absolutely not. Big Brother Jackie Chan of course is an iconic action superstar, but Hung Kam Bo is too!" However he said that his costume of course had to have a grand presence for him to be able to wear. This time every one of his costumes was pink. Eason said, "I play a very slutty action superstar, I can wear all the clothes during the Lunar New Year!"

Eason said that in the film he did not need to fight for real but he still had to go to the training. During the process he already felt that he was not agile enough and completely relied on action direct Jimmy Hung Tin Cheung's help. "Everyone knows how to fight, but fight and look good doing it is another matter. Even camera angle assistance requires kung fu, I would rather get hit!"

Li Ronghao said that in the film he had to slap Eason. He also felt that the pressure of hitting someone was huge. He would feel very sorry because getting hit only hurt for awhile. When Eason and Li Ronghua demonstrated holding back their punches, the former's expression and movement looked just like Jackie Chan. He said that he was not deliberately impersonating his behavior, only that he grew up with Big Brother's movies so he would always have a shade of him. This time was an action comedy and a little exaggeration was inevitable.

Was he afraid that Jackie Chan would say he was being parodied? Eason clarified, "No, I absolutely have no such intention. If so the director would cut it. If so it would be unintentional. This is the hardest part of comedy. In addition this time the story backbone hopes that after laughing everyone would look back at the great message before it." Singer Li Ronghao would not leave Hong Kong until the film would be finished. Eason said that he would take the chance to talk to him about music.

Mainland actress Li Yitong worked on her first film, but she was not nervous because her co-stars Chan Yik Shun and Li Ronghao and even director Kok Tak Chiu were all very easy to get along with. They would also often teach her how to perform. This time she played a simply yet happy actress.

Li Yitong played Wong Yung in the Mainland series THE LEGEND OF THE CONDOR HEROES, which recently has become a TVB hit. She admitted that she knew because earlier she came to promote it in Hong Kong. She was very touched to see the audience's passionate response and hoped to have more chances to see everyone in Hong Kong. When asked if she had any Cantonese lines in the film, she answered n Cantonese, "No, but now I can speak Cantonese!" As for intimate scenes with Li Ronghao, she hoped that everyone would look forward to it because it would both be loving and funny. Was she afraid that Li Ronghao's girlfriend Rainie Yang would be jealous and not visit the set? Li Yitong said, "Come to visit the set anytime, it's just work. It's not the same!"

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