Monday, June 19, 2017


Sam Lee and Fruit Chan bring back a restored MADE IN HONG KONG 

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The Fruit Chan Gor directed, Sam Lee Chan Sam starred MADE IN HONG KONG restored edition will be released again on July 1st. Chan Gor said that the restored edition mainly adjusted the lighting and some technical mistakes, like Lee Chan Sam was covered in blood on a mini bus but when he got off his clothes had no blood at all. 20 years later today computer technology fixed that. Chan Gor said, "Back then I already knew, but I didn't have the time to fix it. For the restored edition I originally didn't want to fix it, but because it had to be screened at the Udine Film Festival it was too outrageous not to. I didn't want to be the laughing stock." Chan Gor said that the colors also had to be adjusted because back then he used many different brands of film. Some film was already expired, so its colors tended to be more green and blue.

Chan Gor said that back then Andy Lau Tak Wa's film TIAN DI (TIN YU DEI) only had 40,000 feet of film left and could not be returned. Chan Gor asked Wa Jai to give it to him. Then he asked other film companies if they had any left over films. Finally he was able to raise 120,000 feet of film to make MADE IN HONG KONG. Lee Chan Sam said that when he made MADE he was almost arrested a few times because each shoot was done in secret. The biggest problem was at a certain housing estate when he had to toss a television set down to the streets. He said, "After I threw it, I didn't even turn around as I ran straight for the streets. When I got down there the police car already arrived. I pretended nothing happened and walked away. Once I held a car and ran from the tram station downhill, I saw another police car! Another time we shot at the cemetery." Chan Gor said, "The cemetery permits people to shoot movies." Lee Chan Sam said, "Yes, but they didn't tell me to jump into the grave!"

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