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The Hong Kong film THE SINKING CITY: CAPSULE ODYSSEY (SAI FONG GIK LOK ji TAI BAU TAI JI TAI HUNG CHONG)'s actors Andrew Lam Man Chung, Ava Liu (Yu Kiu) and Eva Chan Sze Wai yesterday appeared on the TVB program BIG BOYS CLUB. Ah Chung after getting into trouble with host Bob Lam Sing Bun last time yesterday continued to "get handsy" with him yesterday. Ah Chung often smacked Bob's head, making Bob often had to hold his hands to pretend further attacks.

Last time the program received a tremendous response. Ah Chung said that this time Bob was not late. Instead the other hose Ricky Fan Chun Fung was a hour late. As for the host Penny Chan Kwok Fung last time, Ah Chung said, "I don't know who he is, I don't even remember what he looks like." He admitted that he never thought the last program would have such a great response. The comments online yelled at him even more than Johnson Lee. Ah Chung said that this time Bob was already much smarter, he would often dodge away. However he still "nailed" him three times.

When someone suggested for them to host a program together, Ah Chung said, "I am no interesting in being a host, I don't have the time. Actually Bob was pretty good. In the past (Eric Tsang) Chi Wai always hit me, now I get to hit Bob and rather enjoy it. The last time I hit someone with Chi Wa was already Anderson Junior." Was he afraid that Bob would really get mad at him? "He is the most afraid that people say he is late and unprofessional. He has no basis to get mad with. You have to be able to play to be in this business. In addition we are very familiar, if not we wouldn't mess around. Only results that no one would expect would be strong."

Bob said that he already worked hard at dodging Ah Chung's attacks. He said that the last program had good response. Later he called Ah Chung and they thought it was very funny. Did he mind people saying that he was late? He said, "Last time even my wife thought that I was late. I respect my job very much. Actually we are just joking around. I sad that I wanted to be the host of his funeral." When suggested that they could perform a stand up comedy show together, Bob said that "Ah Chung already formed 'Lam Cheng' with (Ronald) Cheng Chung Kei. Although my last name is Lam too, I am not there yet. I definitely would support their show."

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