Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Aaron Kwok and Wang Qianyuan
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Mainland actor Wang Qianyuan two days ago attended their film PEACE BREAKER's Beijing press conference. The 51 year old Sing Sing and the 44 year old Qianyuan exchanged pleasantries as soon as they saw each other. Qianyuan called Sing Sing "Brother Sing". Sing Sing said, "Mr. Qianyuan, I am not much older than you." In the film, they had many action scenes. Wang Qianyuan stated that he did not hold back with the Heavenly King at all. After kicking Sing Sing in the stomach he pushed his head. He was very violent. Sing Sing said, "Qianyuan is in too great a shape, I hurt a lot from him hitting me. I feel you hit me more viciously than you did with Lau Tak Wa in SAVING MR. WU!"

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