Monday, June 5, 2017


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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and Pakho Chau promoted their film 77 HEARTBEATS (YUEN LEUNG NEI 77 CHI). Ah Sa particularly cherished her new co-star Pakho. She has worked with many male artists, but only Pakho was close to her in age.

Pakho admitted that the intimate scenes with Ah Sa felt great. In comparison because he and Shiga Lin were too familiar, they worked together so many times that even the audience would feel they lacked freshness.

In the film they had a lot of argument scenes, which Ah Sa and Pakho felt was a big challenge because they did not like to fight. Ah Sa said that during the argument scene she felt out of breath and dizzy, as a lot of her brain cells died. Ah Sa was asked if her past experience changed what she looked for in a mate. She said that it was just getting her hair wet. Pakho jokingly asked if she would blow dry her hair?

Ah Sa and screen writer Erica Li Man also had another romantic theory. They said that they should not care too much because a lot was beyond anyone's control. Many people mixed up love with like. Love would only be said during an important moment, the word was full of power unlike clicking on like on facebook. She revealed that she and Li Man were considering a series of woman vitamin movies because women in different stages required different vitamin supplements.

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