Monday, June 12, 2017


Lam Tsz Chung and Natalie Meng
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Lam Tsz Chung earlier worked on the Natalie Meng Yao starred new film MANG NAM SAM TIU BOON (3 AND A HALF HUNKS) in Shenzhen. In the film Meng Yao and Wong Jing switched bodies. Meng Yao had to play both male and female character, which absolutely was a big challenge! She more than lived up to her role, as she received compliments from director Chubby Chung. He said, "Yao Yao actually is great, she just didn't have the opportunity before. She mostly played flower vase characters. This time she had to play a man in a woman's body. Her performance was great and also very wild!"

The other surprise of the film was Wong Jing. Due to the body switch he had to play some tragic woman crying scenes. Of course he too was able to handle it. Chubby Chung said, "He is a veteran, as soon as he took his mark he was read. However he asked for several takes more himself, hoping to be able to perform a little better. He was very serious!"

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