Friday, June 23, 2017


Shawn Yue takes a photo over the air with the cast
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The film WU KONG yesterday held a Beijing press conference. Director Derek Kwok Chi Kin, producer Huang Jianxin led the "WU KONG Heavenly Team" Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Oho Ou, Qiao Shan to appear together. Thus even though Shawn Yue Man Lok was unable to appear he went online to connect with everyone and even recalled his 15 years of valuable friendship with Peng Yu-Yan. At the same time, several actors displayed their "Heavenly Team style". They not only told on each other but also ganged up against the director. In the end they even announced that the Heavenly Team "officially graduated".

Peng Yu-Yan, Oho Ou and Qiao Shan each carried their symbolic weapons. Peng Yu-Yan appeared oddly with his staff, Oho Ou's blade and Qian Shan's bow were rather eye catching.

When they talked about their characters, Peng Yu-Yan as the most rebellious and the most "uproarious" Wu Kong in history was dubbed the "Heavenly Team Wildest". Oho Ou was the most faithful character truly deserved the "Heavenly Team Most Faithful". Qiao Shan could not change his comedy star ways and selfishly chose "Heavenly Team Most Handsome" for himself. Then the trio rapidly made fun of each other and picked the most suitable funny description for each other. Qiao Shan was stuck with the "Heavenly Team's Most Tenth Grade Cute", Peng Yu-Yan was called the "Heavenly Team's most forced depressed".

Lok Jai was unable to appear in person but appeared on a call with everyone. He joked that he went to "catch the demon cloud". He also recalled how green they were when he and Peng Yu-Yan worked together on TOMORROW 15 years ago. Peng Yu-Yan also said, "After so many years, our friendship never changed. Our appearance hasn't changed either." This time the brothers reunited in WU KONG, Lok Jai also said that he will bring an even more human side to his character and performed many exciting fight scenes with Peng Yu-Yan. However, although he was not present, Lok Jai still "complained" about the director and said that "the director was very brutal to every actor". He even went to work out hard for the character. Finally he wished a good performance for the film. "Usually the most brutal movie for an actor would always perform well in the end."

Then joyful on set footage was shown. Lok Jai on the set even pretended to kiss Peng Yu-Yan. Peng Yu-Yan responded, "Because he was jealous that I had a kiss scene in the film, he added one for himself."

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