Saturday, June 10, 2017


Ronnie Cheung, Choi Kin Sing and Yu Ka On
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The 903 Open Box Most HK Film Fest would select eight classic films for eight Saturdays in a row starting on the 10th. They included STREET KIDS VIOLENCE, A BETTER TOMORROW, HER FATAL WAYS, AN AUTUMN'S TALE, MEN BEHIND THE SUN, THE EBOLA VIRUS, THE LUNATICS and THE BIG BOSS. Yesterday STREET KIDS VIOLENCE actors including Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's brother Ronnie Cheung Ho Lung, Choi Kin Sing and Yu Ka Ho attended the screening and then shared their experience with the audience.

The three actors said that they never imagined that this film would be able to shown again at the movies 18 years later. Yu Ka Ho said that the film was a two year champion on the piracy sales chart. Cheung HO Lung remembered the premiere when none of them were admitted to the cinema because they were only 16 or 17.

Cheung Ho Lung also felt that his acting was immature but maintained a rare childlike innocence. The most memorable for them had to be when they burnt the body. Would they reunite to make another film? Cheung Ho Lung joked that now their salaries may be too expensive, but he would leave it to fate. He and Yu Ka Ho were classmates, back then they went to the audition together.

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