Sunday, June 4, 2017


Sammy and Kelly Cheung
Sabrina Yeung 
Kelly Fu
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DaDa Chan Jing yesterday guest modeled at a wedding fashion show. Modeling 4 wedding gowns, she had many sexy style among them. DaDa admitted that she has not done a wedding fashion show in 4 or 5 years, because she was nervous she also tripped at the start of the show. Luckily she did not embarrass herself.

Yesterday DaDa looked thinner. She said that she did not deliberately lose weight, only that she easily got bloated. After she sweated it out it would be gone. Later she will work on a new film. She said that she would have to lose weight for her performance and she hoped to lose 10 pounds. Did she have to lose weight for a sexy performance? She said, "No, I haven't worked on anything like that in a long time. This time I would have mostly dramatic scenes. Actually I want to try action films but I am clumsy. I have to wait until my body is read to try that. Now I am a big girl now and I have done all the sexy scenes before. To me they would no longer be a challenge."

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