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In the Gordon Chan Ka Seung directed film GOD OF WAR, Vincent Zhao Wenzhou played the invincible on the battlefield Qi Jiguang, he was able to easily spar with an even better fighter Yu Dayou. Yet as soon as he got home he would lose his might. Even in the presence of numerous subordinates and brethrens, Regina Wan Xian who played Madame Qi showed no mercy. Chan Ka Seung said that this was based on history and was not made up. Back then Qi Jiguang indeed was quite fearful of his wife. His wife was dominant. In the end Qi Jiguang in order to fight pirates was unable to defend his own home region and his people, finally Madame Qi truly and other women were fully armed and went to the battlefield.

Qi Jiguang in the end of course could not avoid close combat with the pirates. Zhao Wenzhou and Yasuaki Kurata both were actors with quite a martial art background. When they fought of course they were very entertaining. This time they had a sword fight, the scene was very smooth and intense. For the swordplay action designs, Yasuaki Kurata would provide appropriate opinions when needed in hopes of being as perfect as they could be.

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