Sunday, July 12, 2020


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The 54 year old Best Actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday worked on a movie at Central. Although rumored to be making the movie at a 70% "pandemic price", he still gave his all. In the heat he wore winter clothing for the kidnapping and chase scene.

Under the novel coronavirus the Hong Kong film industry was at almost a complete halt. However some film production companies continued to make movies during the pandemic. Reportedly in order to get through the hard times with the crew, Kwok Fu Sing chopped his own salary and made the Soi Cheang Pou Soi produced and Wong Hing Fan directed film DUEN MONG (BROKEN NET) at 70% of his rate.

The film already started production last month. The team yesterday morning around 11AM shot at Central with several actors as pedestrians. Sing Sing appeared with a mustache and glasses. In over 30 degree Celsius heat he wore winter clothing and had to carry a backpack to run around. In the story the computer programmer Sing Sing declined a hill when two men kidnapped him and forced him into a vehicle. Because of how realistic the performance was, the onlookers were wowed and cheered. Although being drenched Sing Sing still worked very hard. He went back and forth for several different angles and shots to please the director.

While not at work, Sing Sing could not stand the heat and stuck his tongue out. Several workers kept wiping away his sweat and fixing his make up. He even had someone with a handheld fan to lower his temperature. Finally he stripped down to his white tank top and showed off his healthy kirin arms. After half a hour, the team moved to another street for the shoot. Sing Sing returned to his vehicle to rest while not needed on the set. Later they went to shoot a chase scene on a bridge as he was challenged physically.

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