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Jacquelin Chong says that actors cannot make a movie in face masks
Someone complains to the police and yells, "Wear a mask, it's very dangerous!"
Over 50 people looked on
The Police patrol arrives on scene and registers information from film workers
Lisa Chong two nights ago helps boyfriend Mat Yeung with his take out business.  Yesterday they attend the production start ceremony together
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Jacquelin Chong's work has not been affected yet
Mat Yeung checks on Lisa Chong's injuries
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As the Hong Kong pandemic entered its third wave, the government earlier released even stricter gathering restriction order. Yesterday Mat Yeung Ming, Lisa Chong Si Ming, Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Raymond Cho Wing Lim and others attended a production start worship ceremony for the Chak Ai Dun directed new film SI DOI (ERA) at a Tai Wai cafe. Over fifty people looked on. Several police officers on patrol tried to get an understanding with estate security and film workers and registered workers' information. Because the actors did not wear face masks due to work, during the roast pig cutting ceremony someone yelled, "Put your face masks back on, it's very dangerous." Chong Si man explained that while at work they could not possibly wear face masks. Yeung Ming also believed that when anyone in a scene would know to put on their masks.

The film company later said that because of the crowd, some residents complained about its size. Thus the police came to get an understanding. Actually the film company earlier applied for a letter of no objection for the police public relations branch. The officers checked the related documents and registered the workers' information before departing.

As for neighbors being upset that they were not wearing face mask, Chong Si Man said, "It's awkward for actors. At work we can't possibly wear face masks. if you see actors in face masks on television they would look rather curious. At work we can't do anything about that, but outside work I would put it on. After work or during meal time I would wear it. it's not just the law but also it protects myself."

She revealed that in SI she and Cho Wing Lim would play siblings. Work already began last week. A new round of gathering restriction order just started. For now it has not affected the production too much. Of course she would be even more careful and wear face mask outside work.

Yeung Ming and girlfriend Chong Si Ming played a cop and a news anchor, not a couple. Si Ming pointed out that her boyfriend and a new comer would have a relationship but no intimate scene. She joked that she would not need to supervise. Yeung Ming said, "It's just acting, stay calm!" Was the film's story related to the last year's social movement? Yeung Ming said, "No, it's about changes in the thinking of young people nowadays, maybe sometimes they thought about something wrong and made the wrong decision. Later they realized a lot of facts and truth and examine the process."

Right now Si Ming has already been working for a few days. Yeung Ming will join the production next week. Working under the pandemic, Si Ming said that she would not worried. The crew would wear face mask. Before taking their marks everyone would sit apart. She would also bring a mini air freshener, at least she would feel safe in her mind. Yeung Ming pointed out that the event location was in open space and he did not need to worry, not to mention that everyone was very self aware and wore face mask. Everyone was more aware. Has his numerous soup shops been affected with further gathering restrictions? He said that on the first day he want to the Wanchai shop and saw that the diners were very self aware. At 6PM they would leave and the take out situation has been rather ideal. However fewer people were on the streets. He would have to await after 7 days to get an accurate count.

Si Ming injured her left arm while learning to ride a motorcycle. She said that she was neglected and should focus on learning. She still would keep learning for the August license test. Yeung Ming said, "You have to fall down to know it hurts. After learning the lesson you would be even more careful. (Do you dare to ride with her?) No, riding a tricycle would be much more stable."

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