Thursday, July 23, 2020


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Raymond Cho, Lisa Chong and Mat Yeung
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Mat Yeung Ming and Lisa Chong Si Ming two nights ago worked on a movie at a cafe in Tai Wai. While the characters and the scenes actually were not special, the most special was that a senior center in the district had two confirmed cases! However Yeung Ming and Chong Si Ming appeared in "casual wear". The former only wore face mask while the latter carried many air purifiers, unlike other artists who wore face shields. Si Ming stated that she was somewhat worried, but the cafe was a feature location. She had to work and could do nothing about that. When she was not in a scene she would not remove her mask and she carried hand sanitizer with her.

Speaking of the "gathering restriction order" extension, Yeung Ming and Chong Si Ming admitted that the restaurant business has been affected. They could only give a 10% discount to take out order. The shop was constantly disinfected so everyone would be able to eat at peace. For now they have not planned to close like other restaurant as all shops will operate as usual. Yeung Ming said, "The initial estimate was a business drop of 40%. Luckily earlier we got two government subsidies. We hope we will be able to tough out this year, grind our teeth and get over the pandemic."

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