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Keung To, Anson Lo and Edan Lui change into another outfit for the premiere

Keung To has to hold his chest from all the coughing

Albert Yeung leads the lion dance eye dotting ceremony 

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Keung To (right) says that he is so nervous when taking a photo with Messi (second left) that his mind goes blank

Keung To, Louis Cheung, Anson Lo, Michael Ning, and Edan Lui

Keung To and Anson Lo Hon Ting after completing MIRROR's 16 show concert series three nights ago were guest performers at a soccer match two days ago. Yesterday they continued with another group mate Edan Lui Cheuk, On, actors Michael Ning (Bak Ji) and Louis Cheung Kai Chung to promote their Emperor Lunar New Year film THE MOON THI4V3S (DOH YUET JEH) by visiting three shows in one day.

Yesterday afternoon at the charity couplet autograph session, the event arranged for 5 lion dance team to generate a buzz. Emperor Entertianment Group chair Albert Yeung Sau Sing, vice chair Alex Yeung Ching Lung, led director Steve Yuen Kim Wai and the actors to the stage to dot the lions' eyes. Everyone pat the lions on their heads for good luck. All of the proceeds raised would be donated to charity. Over 1,000 fans showed their support, many were Anson Lo's "Disciples". During the autograph session, Keung To was coughing like he was ill but remained spirited.

Then the premiere last night still had over 1,000 people looking on. The "Disciples" remained massive. Aside from the original members from the autograph session, Emperor artists Aiden Hung Jor Sing, Angela Hui Ching Wan, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Angus Yeung Tin Yue and Elly showed their support.

Was Keung To ill? He explained, "It's just allergy, the weather changed. I would see a doctor! Lately I have enough rest, but I am fragile. Sometimes after being busy for awhile I would feel unwell." Anson Lo stated that he had confidence in the new film's box office. He was happy to see that at each event the "Disciples" would line up in support. Edan felt that the box office could not only rely on fans, the film also would have good word of mouth in order to be able to attract viewers. Keung To stated that he went to the cinema in disguise. "Only then I would know what is good about me and what is not, being able to see viewers' real reaction." He discovered that where he thought he performed well he actually did not, and parts he thought were not funny viewers laughed. He learned even more from the audience's real response.

At the launch ceremony, the host asked who has watched the film 10 times, Dr. Yeung immediately raised his hand. Anson Lo revealed that the film's struggle scene was the entire film's turning point, and had an emotional explosion. Edan said that in the film he was the mastermind, but said that in real life he was very confused. He asked right away, "Where am I now?" He also said that he hoped to be able to hold a gun in his next movie. Keung To also said that he once fantasized about holding a gun, so he was very happy that this time his dream came true.

Cheung Kai Chung also had confidence in the box office and felt that the film's entertainment was what Lunar New Year films required. The audience would be surprised that the film was not just flying the idols' banners, but also had intense excitement, theft and serious gun fight scenes. The film was more manly and praised the MIRROR members for their performance breakthrough. He also said that he has known Bak Ji for several decades but Bak Ji instead taught him to never show his hand. Bak Ji said that after working with the MIRROR members for the first time he understood why everyone really liked them. He too finally had the chance to fulfill his martial art fight dream, joked that once was enough.

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