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32 year old Will Or is surprised to be the Asian Film Festival Youth Ambassador
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The 17th Asian Film Awards would take place on March 10th at the West Kowloon Cultural District Xiqu Centre. The event invited 4 youth ambassadors from different regions in Asia, including Hong Kong's Will Or Wai Lam, Taiwan's Liu Kuan-ting, Thailand's Mario Maurer and Japan's Hio Miyazawa to attend the award ceremony and a series of film cultural activities, and share with viewers their performance experience and passion.

With 8 years in the business, Or Wai Lam questioned whether he would be an "overaged ambassador". He never thought that at 32 he would still be able to be the youth ambassador, which caught him off guard. This opportunity did not come easily, he would continue to do his best as an actor and attract different age levels to watch Hong Kong films at the movies with his roles and films. He said that the show business journey was not all smooth sailing. Last year he ran into a bottleneck and encountered the pressure from the difficulty of breaking through. "Last year I spent most of the time on making movies, playing different characters. I hope each performance would be different, but for awhile I couldn't find any new direction to perform. Then I made a Taiwan film, the director step by step taught me to play a character I didn't excel in, adjusted my condition and finally broke through this bottleneck." He felt that the key to a breakthrough was to not stop, to keep trying, give yourself space to think. Ultimately you would find your way out.

Or Wai Lam hoped to run into Japanese manga SLAM DUNK! creator Takehiko Inoue at the Asian Film Awards. "Last year's release of THE FIRST SLAM DUNK movie brought me back to secondary school. Director and writer Takehiko Inoue is now already a filmmaker who pays a lot of attention to the details. He demanded that the movie to be drawn more detailed and more realistically, which I appreciate very much. If the Asian Film Awards would be able to invite him then it would be good."

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