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Anson Lo visits 16 audience appreciation shows for THE MOON THIEVES 
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"Cult Leader" Anson Lo Hon Ting yesterday and director Steve Yuen Kim Wai visited 16 audience appreciation shows in one breath for their Emperor Motion Picture THE MOON THIEVES (DOH YUET JEH). They met and interacted with viewers and fans. He hoped that everyone would continue to promote the film. Fans in the audience enthusiastically asked Cult Leader questions.

When asked if the disciples had the chance to play kaito characters what kind of thieves would they be? Inspiration struck Cult Leader at once as he thought they could be the emergency medical team, because in foreign films action scenes would usually have injuries and someone would be responsible for medical treatment. He joked that they could baby the team and give pressure point massages. Fans screamed. In the film he was able to any lock he touched, would he remember the lock that would never be opened? He answered the lock with his and the disciple's names he left in N Seoul Tower while shooting MIRROR GO in Seoul.

Speaking of filial piety, Cult Leader said that half a year before his grandmother passed he just started in the business for a year. Grandma was in long term hospital care. After work he would visit her at the hospital, even when he was not able to visit everyday he would go every other day to bathe her, chat with her. However at the time her consciousness was already very weak, unable to respond. However he still would show her his childhood photos, when he brought up secondary school she would often ask whether he would date. He joked that each time he would answer Grandma, "Soon!" He could not help but get choked up. In addition Cult Leader also mentioned that he would read the disciples' messages while taking a bath, thus he would always go from 10 minutes to over 1 hour and got all wrinkly.

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