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Jennifer Yu, Hui Yuet Seung, and Fish Liew all have Hong Kong Film Awards nominations in different categories

Yanny Chan would answer "none of your business" when asked about when she would get married during New Year visits
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Louis Koo Tin Lok's company One Cool Jam Cast artists Jennifer Yu Heung Yi, Fish Liew Chi Yu, Yanny Chan Wing Yan, Angel Lam Chin Tin, Bryant Mak Chi Lok, Zoe Yu Kit Ying and others gathered for the first meal of the New Spring. Jennifer and her junior colleague Hui Yuet Seung with IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUN JI HA) were nominated for the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress and Best New Performer, while Liew Chi Yu with A GUILTY CONSCIENCE (DUK SIT DAI JONG) was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Liew Chi Yu hoped that her good sister Jennifer this year would be able to win the award this year. "The night before the nomination announcements, actually I couldn't sleep. I was very nervous, really wanted Jennifer to be nominated with IN BROAD DAYLIGHT's role. It really was very good. I was very happy that she was nominated, this was a good movie. Many friends in Malaysia said it was good. I hope the new generation of Hong Kong films would have even more good films. I really want to witness Jennifer's victory. She really is very worthy, but the competition is very strong."

Jennifer instead was very happy for junior colleague Hui Yuet Seung's nomination. "She is a great new comer, good attitude, and an Academy of Performing Arts graduate. She is very professional. I hope to be able to see her name all the time in future Hong Kong Film Awards nominations." Hui Yuet Seung heard Jennifer's compliment and got misty eyed. She would continue her hard work.

Chan Wing Yan, Lam Chin Ting and Mak Chi Lok in past New Years have been urged to date and wed. They joked that they would answer, "None of your business." How would they respond if boss Koo Tin Lok asked? Chan Wing Yan joked, "I know, I know! 'When would it be your turn?'" Everyone cracked up.

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