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Aaron Kwok gets sentimental and digs out a phone for a selfie with the fans

Gordon Lam attends an audience appreciation event to promote ROB N ROLL
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Gordon Lam (second right) attends an audience appreciation show with other ROB N ROLL actors and director 
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing on the Lunar 7th arrived in Malaysia for his show concert in Genting. As the concert neared its end, Sing Sing asked for a group photo with the audience. He joked, "Just casually take a photo with me please, give me a chance?" Then he dug out his phone for a selfie. "Thank you everyone for protecting me all along, I am very grateful. You are the stars in my hearts." He even took the opportunity to advertise, mentioning his Lunar New Year film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG). He even performed the character's catch phrase, "Say thank you".

While Sing Sing did not forget to remember the film in Malaysia, the film's other star Gordon Lam Ka Tung yesterday attended the film's audience appreciation event in Hong Kong with Calvert Fu Ka Tsun, John Chiang Cheuk Man, Kathy Wong Chung Yan and director Albert Mak Kai Kwong.

Speaking of ROB N ROLL's box office nearing HK$ 10 million and currently in third place among Lunar New Year films, Lam Ka Tung happily screamed "Great, I am very happy! Originally the film company didn't want a Lunar New Year release, but back then the non Lunar New Year film PROTEGE (MOON TOH) was released during the Lunar New Year and still performed well; In the past many films have been about the 'pain of women', this was a rare one that talked about the 'pain of men'. In addition I haven't made a dark comedy in a very long time." How would he celebrate the box office success and drum up more business? Lam Ka Tung jokingly asked if anyone would want him to take off his clothes. "What else do you want me to lose? Bachelorhood? I want that too!" Ka Tung also revealed that Sing Sing hoped to make a sequel. Sing Sing even came up for the title LUM SI MING ONG (TEMPORARY MURDER). The director also said that there would be a chance.

Looking obviously thinner, Ka Tung revealed that during the New Spring he would bury himself in scripts writing everyday at the office until early in the morning. He also has not been eating much; the new script would be mainly about brotherhood, with him personally producing and starring. He also had suitable actors in mind and the pairing would be fresh. However because the audience now is very demanding, their demand for script has also been elevated. Thus despite the investors rushing for the production to start, he would still put taking care of the script first. Now he is writing the second draft. The soonest the production would start would be the end of the year.

Although he has been busy writing scripts, Ka Tung has already paid a New Year visit to Patrick Tse Yin. Sei Gor's health has been rumored to be declining. Ka Tung immediately said, "Sei Gor couldn't be any sharper. When talking about the past he would even dance the 'cha cha'. I even joked that I would wait for Sei Gor's 90th birthday to book an old music hll for him to 'cha cha'. (Have you discussed starting work on the sequel to TIME (SAT CHOOK GOR WONG FUN)? The film performed well on online platforms. Sei Gor wants to make a sequel too. He asked me, 'Kid, got any gig?' I asked Sei Gor not to rush me, because I couldn't just ask him to start then start. The script has to be tailor made for him. If a sequel would really be made, Sister Bobo (Petrina Fung Bo Bo)'s character wouldn't be repeated either; it would have to be turned upside down. The previous film took 7 years of preparation before starting production, this time would also take time. Even although the box office can't be predicted, I still hope to at least have the box office victory for the participating cast and crew."

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