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Keung To, Anson Lo and Edan Lui are happy about the good response their film has

Anson Lo and Keung To go to the cinema to thank viewers for their support

Steve Yuen touches his stars and made the MIROs screams
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Director Steve Yuen, Keung To, Anson Lo and Edan Lui all hope for HK$ 60 million box office

Keung To is still coughing
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Anson Lo Hon Ting, Edan Lui Cheuk On, and Keung To two nights ago attended the Emperor Motion Picture THE MOON THIEVES (DOH YUET JEH) audience appreciation event, attracting many fans to show their support. They and the audience came together as one, they even attentively answered questions about the movie. Director Yuen Kim Wai touched the chins of he three, leading to screams from fans. Edan pointed out that the response to the film has been better than imagined. Because his past film reviews have been polarizing but this time almost all were positive, he was very happy.

The film would soon pass HK$ 20 million at the box office. Edan pointed out that this performance would already be very amazing. "Of course I hope the performance would continue to be even better. (The goal?) The director says that the goal to over HK$ 60 million, we would do our best!" Earlier Edan promised that he would show "August 15th" when the box office would reach HK$ 40 million. Would Keung To and Anson Lo also give away benefits? Anson Lo played dumb, "We don't even know what 'August 15th' is! (What are you planning to show?) If he would show 'August 15th', it wouldn't matter what we show!" Keung To joked, "Even if Stanley appears it wouldn't matter!" Edan later suggested that Anson Lo would be able to show the front of "August 15th". Keung To promised that as long as the box office would reach HK$ 20 million he would satisfy fan requests and reprise his part from the film.

Speaking of after the concert various members "succumbed" to illness. Edan said that they have already recovered. Although there were some after effect, they have been very lucky because they were able to recover before their mid March concert tour. Anson Lo said that lately he has been taking his medicine on time. "I hope by the concerts we wouldn't even have the after effect. I want to hurry up and take care of it. I remember during the Hong Kong stop, I had to pull the mic away to cough. It really didn't look good, I hope it wouldn't be like this again." Keung To also said that he would continue to take the medicine and take care of his body, so he would be able to guarantee the performance would not be affected. Would he celebrate his April birthday in Hong Kong? He said, "I can't confirm, let it be. (Would it affect Keung To Bay?) Let it be." On Valentine's Day, but Anson Lo and Keung To both shared their unshaven photo. Anson Lo pointed out that it was proof that he did not shave for 5 days after he fell ill. Keung To thought his photo was very ugly, so after sharing it he removed it.

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