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Steven Ma at the group New Year visit announces several Metro Radio's Year of the Dragon plans

Nancy Sit and Kenneth Fok conduct the lion eye dotting ceremony under the leadership of Steven Ma

Helen Tam joins the station to host a new program

Mike Tsang attends the group visit with a cane

Albert Chow jokes that Windy Zhan's first love is even earlier than his
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Metro Broadcasting yesterday held its New Spring group visit and program rundown. Metro's chief operating director Steven Ma Chun Wai, Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Kenneth Fok Kai Kong, Spencer Leung Sze Ho, Helen Tam Yuk Ying, Mike Tsang Pei Tat, Albert Chow Kut Pui, Windy Zhan (Tsim Tin Man), Zaine Sze Hon Kiu and others attended. At the event Ma Chun Wai revealed that Metro would go through a complete transformation in the Year of the Dragon, form a music department and a film department, sign singers and create songs in a one-stop service; the station would also produce movies. As for the year end Metro Radio Hit Awards, a committee would be formed to promote an all new song grading standard to give out a fair and just music report card to the music scene.

Ma Chun Wai said that the music department is negotiating contracts with singers and bands, and discovering amateurs with potential and passion for music, producing and releasing their music in an one stop service. As for the film department, it is under preparation. He hoped to begin production on its first film this year, mainly with domestic subject that a creative team would be responsible for. The team currently has 5 members, including Barry Yip Man Fai and Chow Lai Mau.

Would he help with the screenplay writing? Ma Chun Wai said, "Work is very busy, I don't have time to write scripts."

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