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Nick Cheung feels the film industry currently is in an unstable climate
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Nick Cheung attends his film WOLF HIDING's preview screening.  Looking back at experiencing the 21 day pandemic quarantine twice during the shoot, he says the situation is as horrifying as making THE EXORCIST

In WOLF HIDING Nick Cheung plays a killer and has a lot of action scenes

Nick Cheung (right) praises Darren Wang and Ethan Juan for being willing to take risks

The Nick Cheung written, directed and starred PEG O' THE HEART hopes for a middle of the year release
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai two nights ago attended his film WOLF HIDING (NO CHIU)'s advanced screening for friends. Speaking of the production, he revealed that before the production began the film company hired a Korean action director to train the actors. The film had many action scenes like fighting, gang fights, assassination and revenge, because the director really like Hong Kong action films that felt solid and real; but he joked that after the production began he realized that the action scenes in the film had nothing to do at all with the training. However it actually did help because it trained them physically and mentally; in addition, although action scenes would inevitably have a little bumps and bruises, he did not get hurt.

As for the most memorable, Ka Fai pointed out that because the film was shot during the pandemic, society came to a halt. In addition because he had to shot on location in the mainland and Macau, he twice experienced the 21 day quarantine period. The feeling at the time was rather horrible and the impression was also very deeply ingrained. He even revealed that during the quarantine period in the hotel room were a treadmill and dumb bells, but continuously doing the same type of exercises was getting really dull. Thus he wanted to experience the feeling of running naked. He even joked, "After trying it I felt it was no big deal, perhaps if I tried it outside the impact would be even bigger, haha."

Since the film was already released in the mainland, how was the box office? He said that the film has made over 200 million yuan RMB and he was pleased, but he lamented the current film industry atmosphere. He described the global economy and film both seemed to have into very unstable and cold climate. "Our entire lives have been spent on film. People in the industry, no matter the geography, under this climate can only do our best. Because this change seems to be unprecedented, we also have no way to forecast what the future will be like or when it would become the past or return to warmth. Of course this type of unstable climate would be concerning, everyone can only continue their hard work." Ka Fai earlier fulfilled a promise to his family, taking a few days off during the Spring Festival for a vacation before immediately returning o work. He said that lately he has been busy commuting between Hong Kong and Thailand for the post product work of the film he directed and starred in, PEG O' MY HEART (SHOOK MUNG). The process is almost 80% done and he hoped that the film would make a mid year release.

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