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Ray Yeung and the team pose with the Teddy Award

The Ray Yeung written and directed ALL SHALL BE WELL has become the second Hong Kong film in history to win the Berlin Film Festival's Teddy Award Best Feature Film

Maggie Li and Patra Au plays lesbians in ALL SHALL BE WELL
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The Ray Yeung Yiu Ho directed and directed movie about lesbians ALL SHALL BE WELL (CHUNG GUM YI HAU) has become the second Hong Kong film in history to win the Berlin Film Festival "Teddy Award" Best Feature Film. ALL SHALL BE WELL's leads Patra Au Ka Man and Maggie Li Lin Lin upon receiving the news could not be happier, especially Li Lin Lin because the film was her return to the big screen after many years. "When ALL SHALL BE WELL would be released in Hong Kong everyone please strongly support it!"

Yesterday the 74th Berlin Film Festival announced ALL SHALL BE WELL would receive the Teddy Award Best Feature Film. It would be 26 years since a Hong Kong film previously won the prize at the 48th Berlin Film Festival in 1998, with the Stanley Kwan Kam Peng directed HOLD YOU TIGHT (YUET FAI LOK YUET DOR LOK) .

ALL SHALL BE WELL would be the new film from the 2019 film SUK SUK's director Yeung Yiu Hoi. The story began with two lesbians' relationship, on one hand examining he subject from a new angle, on the other also hoping to explore the current "LGBTQ+" rights in Hong Kong. Yeung Yiu Hoi said on social media, "Super happy! We received the Teddy Award at the Berlin Film Festival! I want to thank the ALL SHALL BE WELL actors and team for making my dream come true!

Yeung Yiu Hoi then sentimentally said, "Since 2020 when the journey to create the ALL SHALL BE WELL screenplay began, it finally was able to hold its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival 4 years later. We are very honored to have the viewers and film critics' response with waves of good reviews, winning the Teddy Award is the bonus! ALL SHALL BE WELL will open in Hong Kong soon, I hope viewers would also like this movie. We cannot wait to bring ALL SHALL BE WELL back to Hong Kong! Last night was a journey of a dream come true, I hope to be able to share this joy from afar with Au Ka Man and other colleagues who are not present."

Au Ka Man yesterday was very happy when she received the news. "This morning when I got up I got the news from Director Yeung. I am very happy. Our team's effort has been recognized. When I saw the photo of the director with the Teddy Award and the team's celebration, I was very happy!" Maggie Li Lin Lin excitedly said, "First, I want to congratulate director Yeung Yu Hoi and everyone on ALL SHALL BE WELL. I benefit a lot from having the opportunity to take part in the performance. ALL SHALL BE WELL's Berlin Film Festival Teddy Award Best Feature Film is the best reward for the director and the entire team's collaborative effort. When ALL SHALL BE WELL would be released in Hong Kong, everyone please strongly support it!" The 75 year old Li Lin Lin has retired from on screen performance for many years. This time she returned for ALL SHALL BE WELL, her husband John Chiang Dai Wai made the connection; director Yeung Yiu Hoi through Chiang Dai Wai invited Li Lin Lin to perform.

Li Lin Lin recalled when she finished reading the script. She said that for years she has received offers to perform, but they were either mother or grandmother roles. This time the character had her own goal and will, a real character instead of just someone else's mother or grandmother. The character drew her to agree to perform.

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