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Father to be Carlos Chan works with Fish Liew on their new film
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The Emperor Motion Picture JEUNG NGOR JEH YEUNG DIK OI CHING (LOVE LIKE MINE) would be Tam Wai Ching directed, Stanley Kwan Kam Peng and Catherine Kwan (Guoon Tung Yiu) produced, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Fish Liew Chi Yu, Alice Lau Nga Lai, Polly Lau Yeuk Bo and Kate Yeung Kei starred. The film has been heating up in production. Earlier Emperor Group chief Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Sing personally visited the set to cheer on the team and brought treats to the team for a morale and unity boost! Just announced to be parents with Shiga Lin soon, Ka Lok's co-star commended him on becoming more stable, and having in depth understanding of the character.

As the title implied, JEUNG NGOR JEH YEUNG DIK CHING would be a movie about love, but what kind of love would the leads experience? With ample understanding of the script, Chan Ka Lok explained, "The normal love story that everyone understands should be meeting first, becoming fond of each other then developing into love. This film however doesn't experience any of these. Everyone is carrying a heavy burden inside, making this love very mysterious, difficult to decide between whether it exists or not and not the average person can have." Liew Chi Yu agreed, "This relationship is very difficult, you can say that it is love that isn't easy to get!"

In order to get into this unusual love, Ka Lok and Fish both made breakthrough in terms of their character's appearance. Ka Lok explained, "The director feels my appearance is too easy to be recognized and wants to make some changes to create an all new Chan Ka Lok, hoping that I would look more authentic. First I had to get a tan, a buzz cut, grow facial hair, lose weigh, and paint some freckles on my face. When I look at the mirror I too feel this isn't me! However, this look indeed has brought a lot of confidence to the performance as I try to shake off any past traces of myself!" On the other hand, Fish turned into a four eyed girl also with a very authentic and simple look -- drastically different from her usual style. Fish said, "Thanks to the costume design for helping me get into this character. Sometimes on the set the crew couldn't find me, because I am completely immersed into this location." Ka Lok even revealed, "Once we were working at a market, Fish really was able to immerse herself into the market. Even the neighbors couldn't recognize her!"

Ka Lok and Fish have played a couple in the television series TRADING FLOOR, and then continuously shared the set but not the scene on movies like READY O/R ROT (BUT YUT SING FUN 2). Years later they finally ran into each other again in JEUNG NGOR JEH YEUNG DIK OI CHING. Ka Lok humbly said, "Years ago when I met Fish, we would chat and have many interactions, but after that we have been busy with our own stuff. Seeing each other again, she has already become the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress, have the recognition of many filmmakers. I am happy for her. I know her serious toward and her pursuit of acting, this time I hope to be able to properly learn from her." Along the same vain, years later Fish also felt that Ka Lok truly has grown up. She said, "Ka Lok has become stable, sometimes what he says would surprise me. He has thought even further than I have. His acting depth, character determination all came from his continuing studies in those areas. For several days at make up, I didn't dare to disturb him. You would feel this person was under a cloud of darkness." Ka Lok said, "I thought I could hide it myself, I never thought that it would still flow out."

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