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Gordon Lam would be "paying off debt" while Richie Jen would be busy professionally and personally during the Lunar New Year
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Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Gordon Lam Ka Tung in the Lunar New Year film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG) worked together again. On and off screen they were full of chemistry. With Lunar New Year props in hand for the photo shoot, their acting bug suddenly struck as Siu Chai became "Dagger" and Ka Tung turned into "God of Gamblers" in a salute to the classic film. Ka Tung remembered when he was offered for the role he was still wearing masks due to the pandemic. The atmosphere then was very dull. "Since it's a rare comedy, I treated it like I was cheering myself up. Even if I had to wear a mask I would still make it!" Speaking of the competition of the New Spring slate with TABLE FOR SIX 2 (FAN HEI GUNG SUM 2) and THE MOON THI3V4S (DOH YUET JEH), Ka Tung hoped too to have different genres of film releases for viewers to choose their family or happy movie. Did they have confidence about the box office? Ka Tung said that the choice lay in the hands of viewers. Siu Chai added, "It's like choosing a restaurant, the most important is everyone eats happily. When each movie has been made exciting, viewers are the most fortunate."

Would they attend audience appreciation events all over? This Lunar New Year, Siu chi would already be on his U.S. concert tour. He would mainly visit his daughter, who has been studying there. He said that now he would try to accommodate work around his life arrangements. Siu Chai was on tour last year too, but he has performed at most of the places before. Ka Tung jokingly asked if he really needed money? Siu Chai explained, "The company is the one that really needs money, several years ago (during the pandemic) the company almost had to close, but at the time I didn't fire anyone or reduce salary. It was a tough go!" Ka Tung commended him, "Good boss!" Siu Chai said, "Every worker has worked with me, and for a very long time. The employees were worried that they would be fired, then how would they take care of their families? So I hope to be able to make money, for bonuses or cash prizes to give everyone a little more benefit. In addition when I sing I would be happy, whether I make $ 100,000 or 200,000 I would still sing." Aside from singing, Siu Chai this year also wished to make good movies. He said to Ka Tung, "I will have to trouble you for that!" Ka Tung told Siu Chai to first bring a song to be the theme song, and Siu Chai agreed right away. "I can do! I would leave the script to you!" He pointed out that on the set he saw how rough Ka Tung had it, like he would give all of his life to make the script well. With the opportunity to work with Ka Tung as a producer and a co-star, he would be very at ease. Ka Tung gratefully said, "It's happy, the most important is finding people on the right channel!" Siu Chai also asked, "Whatever movie you have just ask me, as long as you do I would be OK. I am very relaxed!"

With Siu Chai on an U.S. tour, this New Year's audience appreciation duties would be left to Ka Tung. Ka Tung joked, "I am afraid I would be showing all the appreciation alone, I wonder if I would get any lai see? However I am happy because the audience is in a happy mood when it goes to the moves. Being able to see everyone s something to be happy about. I treat it like a party. During the New Year I am either at home or at the company, then I would be home again. Since I have to pay rent of course I used them to their fullest. However during the New Year holiday I would have the time to think about scripts, because I have two or three scripts to do with. I am losing my pants from all the people chasing me for them!" Ka Tung then looked at Siu Chai and said, "I am waiting for you!" Siu Chai said that he would welcome it, but actually he too has been writing a film script to turn his song HEARTBROKEN PACIFIC OCEAN into a movie, but after getting a screenwriter and spending a lot of money he still has not been able to make the movie. Siu Chai did not plan to direct because it would be too tough. I only wanted to produce the movie and fulfill the dream. "Film is the dream factory, being able to fulfill a dream would bring quite a sense of satisfaction." Ka Tung said that he would help him. His first idea was playing the "Pacific Ocean", otherwise he would produce as well to give him a hand. Siu Chai said that first he would have to work hard and make more money, then he would have the money to invest and build a good foundation. With a script would there be a soul, then with good director and actors, the entire team would make a good movie. Ka Tung complimented, "We have to pay attention to this person, he has fire! He's just right!" Siu Chai humbly said, "I am learning from you, seeing you coming up with the script to the point of getting blood shot eyes. Although it's very tough you still have the tough it out spirit, which moved me very much!"

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