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Maggie Cheung Ho Yee with a gun in hand sends the big men scurrying

Just returning from visiting Ethiopia, Nancy Wu has been deeply affected by the trip
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Gordon Lam, Aaron Kwok and Richie Jen promote their Lunar New Year film ROB N ROLL

Maggie Cheung Ho Yee plays a cop and fires a gun for the first time, hence she increases her insurance heavily

Nancy Wu does not mind her character requires a performance with no make up and messy hair
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Nancy Wu Ting Yan, Lam Suet, Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan, John Chiang Dai Wai and his son John Chiang Jr. and others last night attended their film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG)'s charity premiere at the Kwun Tong apm. Siu Chai spoke of fighting Ka Tung to the ground, he joked, "It was tougher than performing a concert"; Ka Tung revealed that at first the director asked him to "charge less". "He said that he would benefit me with romance, Yan Ting would play my wife. Who knew that we would have to keep arguing, it truly was the pain of men."

Playing an armed robber for the first time, Sing Sing pointed out that the Vietnamese in the film was the hardest to handle. Luckily in the end the director accepted the take. Did he have very few lines this time? Sing Sing admitted, "No, only less than Siu Chai and Ka Tung in comparison. In the film Siu Chai played a social worker, Ka Tung drove a taxi, Ho Yee hasn't played law enforcement before. This team of ours is very fresh." Ho Yee joked that earlier while shooting on location on Temple Street she ran like mad, "I really have a fear of firing gun, as soon as I hear gun shot my eyes can't see and my ears can't hear. It's my personal problem. This time at work I considered having conquered it, but I had to be heavily insured. Who knew if there would be any accident, later I still have to work on skin care product commercial!" The three lead actors said, "Since she never fired a gun before, we were so scared that we scattered. Luckily the film company has purchased enough insurance, haha!"

The film has already reached 200 million at the mainland box office. Lam Ka Tung felt that word of mouth would be even more important, the word of mouth in the mainland said that the film was not the usual Hong Kong crime film. Ho Yee said that the film was very authentic, so the good performance was within expectation. Siu Chai and Sing Sing also had expectations for the Hong Kong box office. "Ultimately the more the better, the best would be win win at the box office and with word of mouth. (Would you return to Hong Kong for audience appreciation events?) No, I would have work to do coming up; not to mention that earlier after the mainland audience appreciation tour I was completely wilted (referring to getting sick). Maybe after the concerts ended I went right into promoting the film, so we had this situation." Ka Tung followed, "He had the flu, so we kept toughing it out (referring to worrying about getting infected)." Sing Sing chuckled, "Everyone saw Ka Tung holding me up, actually he was holding me tight like a woman would." Did he have tonsillitis? Sing Sing said, "At the time Ka Tung heard even my voice changed, so later in Malaysia Ho Yee would have to promote for me."

In addition, Wu Ting Yan revealed that this time she played a pregnant lady and worked with Ka Tung for the first time. She had to rely on the taxi driver husband Lam Ka Tung, and live in squatter area and have in law issue with Sister Bau (Nina Paw Hee Ching). She remembered during the shoot she was working on the series NARCOTICS HEROES and playing a finance queen who was great at making money. The contrast was rather large and during the performance she thought it was very interesting. "This time is my second time making a movie, I hope to have even more chances to land on the big screens. I too want to discover a different side of me." Ting Yan said that in particular she very rarely made comedy; her more comedic performance would have to go back to A FIST WITHIN FOUR WALLS. She hoped in the future she would be able to uncover even more potential.

As for Gregory Rivers (Hor Kwok Wing)'s suicide, Ka Tung said that he and Hor Kwok Wing were already working together in 1993 at TVB and have known each other for over 30 years. "Last night when I landed from Malaysia I got the news. I was very surprised. We are good friends." He pointed out that early on he invited him to make the film GET OUTTA HERE (SEI HOI DI LA) because he needed an opportunity. Ka Tung also felt that he performed very well. However in recent years they rarely saw each other, only having tea together occasionally. Ka Tung said that he did not know so much has happened to him in the past year. Today he would also contact the Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild and see if he could help with anything.

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