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Michelle Wai is already grateful for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress nomination

Nancy Sit
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Michelle Wai has offered to be the godmother of Carlos Chan's child, but he has not agreed.

Nancy Sit says that she and Lee Ying were very close during their RTV days
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Nancy Sit mistakes Michelle Wai for Shiga Lin and keeps congratulating her on her pregnancy,  which makes Michelle smack her belly to prove that she is not.
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Michelle Wai Sze Nga two days ago appeared on a Metro Radio interview. Nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress with the film READY O/R ROT (BUT YUT SING FUN 2), she admitted that her 16 years of persistence has not been wasted; she even said that while watching the live announcements when her co-star Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) was nominated for Best Supporting Actress she was already moved to tears. Then when she learned that she was nominated for Best Actress she cried again. She pointed out that she would need to prepare her speech. "Over 16 years many people have helped me, I need to thank so many people. (Would you wear something super sexy?) Nothing to see, do I show my ribs? I don't mind being sexy, the most important is being pretty. Actually I would like the most to walk the red carpet with Sister Kam Yin Ling, perhaps I would coordinate with her a little." Speaking of her co-star and friend Carlos Chan Ka Lok would be a father soon, she said that she was happy for him and even offered to be the godmother. However Ka Lok has yet to agree. Speaking of her declaring that when Ka Lok would have a child, she would get married. Would she "pay the bill"? She mischievously said, "Kids say the darnest thing, actors can't be trusted. Not to mention that I never said which child Ka Lok would have when I would get married!" Then she changed the subject. She said that many people have confused her with Shiga Lin, which led to jokes galore. "Everyone please stop congratulating my Papa. Because of the constant confusion, every time K Lok's wife announced marriage and pregnancy, someone would congratulate my Papa." Nancy Sit Ka Yin just happened to return to the radio, mistook her for Shiga Lin and congratulated her. Wai Sze Nga awkwardly denied that and asked Sit Ka Yin to congratulate her on her Hong Kong Film Awards nomination.

Sister Ka Yin talked about her friend of many years Lee Ying, who earlier passed away after a fall at home. She said at first she could not believe it, but after communicating with many friends she finally was able to confirm the news. She remembered that they have worked together at RTV as early as their 20s and they were very close. Several years ago she even invited her to be a guest on her show CANTOPOP AT 50, later due to the pandemic they no longer saw each other. Hence when she heard the bad news she was very saddened; she even revealed that Sandra Lang (Sin To Lai) also suffered a fall recently. Sister Ka Yin pointed out that these accidents made her suddenly realized that as she grew older she had to be careful and not fall. She even stated that even when bathing she would not dare to close the door completely. She would leave a gap for someone to hear her in case she called for help. She even revealed that she would bathe very quickly, and her daughter has urged her to slow down and put safety first.

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