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When Stephy Tang and Louis Cheung shot the wedding scene, the weather was scorching hot
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Louis Cheung and Stephy Tang promote hard for TABLE FOR SIX 2
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Louis Cheung praises co-star Stephy Tang as pretty and smart, tons of people would line up to pursue her

The numerous wedding scenes in TABLE FOR SIX 2 are memorable for Stephy Tang and Louis Cheung. The  shoots of which often go from morning to night

Louis Cheung recalls his wedding with Kay Tse.   Although it was tiring, it was worth the effort
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Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Stephy Tang Lai Yan worked together again in the film TABLE FOR SIX 2 (FAN HEI GUNG SUM 2). The couple would step into a wedding hall and even have 3 major wedding scenes. Each one had over 100 actors. Their wedding even recreated Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's MONICA music video. Because the shoot took place in the summer and indoors, the process was not easy at all. Wearing the tuxedo to sing and dance was the most memorable for him. Ah Chung said, "Everyone worked until they almost had heat stroke. The director after shooting for whole day had sunburn." Stephy joked that she has already experienced many, many weddings in her lifetime. Would Stephy keep her future wedding simple? She admitted, "I already had this idea a very long time ago. I thought don't mess with so much stuff, the most important would be for the couple to enjoy this wedding."

Ah Chung pointed out that the wedding scene also reminded him of his own wedding with wife Kay Tse On Kay, especially during the vow. Looking back he still felt it was worth the effort. "At the hotel room I finally called her my wife. In the morning we had breakfast together. Those were all beautiful memories."

Speaking of letting Ah Chung introduce "hot properties" to her, Ah Chung joked, "She doesn't need my introduction, plenty of people are lined up. I am just guessing!" Stephy followed, "I feel destiny is not up for me to think too much about, at this level I am not too stubborn about marriage. I just want someone who is suitable for living with you, a soul mate is very important. (Has this person appeared yet?) I am looking forward to it!"

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