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At THE LYRICIST WANNABE premiere, ANSONBEAN sweetly talks about his girlfriend Jaime Cheung
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ANSONBEAN says that he and Jaime Cheung are very compatible and their communication very comfortable

Chung Suet Ying and Eric Kot
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ANSONBEAN (Chan Ngai Sun) earlier openly admitted to be dating girl group Beanies' member Jaime Cheung Tin Wing. Two nights ago he attended the new film THE LYRICIST WANNABE (TIN CHI L)'s premiere, also on hand were Chung Suet Ying, Eric Kot Man Fai and other stars.

ANSONBEAN said that originally he was to participate in the film as a guest star, but after editing he became the lead actor. Although in the film he and female lead Chung Suet Ying had romance, they did not have any intimate scene. He joked that he did not even have the chance to hold hands. "I am not disappointed because the role is bigger than I have expected. I was just a guest star, becoming the male lead later was quite a surprise." ANSONBEAN did not mind that getting only guest star pay for the lead, because the film shot on location at his alma mater. In addition he knew the director and the producer paid for the movie out of their own pockets, so the salary amount did not matter. The most important was to be able to support Hong Kong film. Would ANSONBEAN bring his girlfriend to the see the film? How did they start? He sweetly smiled and said, "We just started, she and I are very compatible, communication wise we are very comfortable. In addition she has been a great positive influence on me. I constantly see her hard at work on her own stuff, so mutual support is very important." Who courted who first? ANSONBEAN said, "We are friends in common so we already knew each other. I would say I pursued her, I took more initiative, but she might say that she pursued me." What attracted him to her? ANSONBEAN said in one breath, "She has an aura, pretty and talented, creative and smart, she is nice to people, and her personality is good too." Has he brought the "perfect girlfriend" home to meet his parents? He said, "Not ye, but the family has already asked me to. We are both busy now, but I would try to make the arrangement soon."

Ah Kot and Chung Suet Ying played father and daughter in the film. Chung Suet Ying was nominated for the Golden Horse Awards Best Actress with the film. Although she did not win, she most recently has been nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress. Ah Kot said that he picked this daughter. "Last year when I heard she was nominated for the Golden Horse Award, my reaction was 'Wow, no way'. Later after I watched the edited version I understood. She was very convincing in the school film. Already 29, she was able to play a not yet fully developed school girl." Chung Suet Ying was asked about her Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress confidence. She said, "I considered myself lucky to have the nomination, the chance to win would be 1/5." She pointed out that Ah Kot's image might be mischievous but on the set he was very serious and did not try to make her laugh. Ah Kot said, "On the set I am very serious. Because her character has big mood swings, I don't want to affect her performance."

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