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Over 100 fans show their support for Edan Lui and urges him to show half the moon first

Charmaine Sheh appears at a Beijing event
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Edan Lui wants to save up more songs so he would not need to sing other people's songs at his own concert 
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Jer Lau, Edan Lui, and members of ERROR run into Charmaine Sheh while paying a New Year visit to Sandra Ng
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Edan Lui Cheuk On yesterday attended a cosmetic brand opening ceremony and drew over 100 fans to show their support. Edan revealed that lately he has been busy with dance training for MIRROR's new music video. "We got a foreign choreographer to choreograph and we had to dance very strongly, highly demanding physically." Earlier Edan said that if his film THE MOON THIEVES (DOH YUET JEH)'s box office would exceed HK$ 40 million he would show his "August 15th". Although the box office has already reached half the mark, fans urged him to pay up. Would he consider showing half first? Edan joked, "When did I say August 15th? Several days ago I posted an old I SWIM photo on social media, it happened to be shot on August 15th. People asked me if I treated that like paying up? They thought I would skip out on the debt, I am a responsible person. (Have you been working out in advance?) How? Let's wait and see, next time I wouldn't speak so casually."

Earlier Edan, Jer Lau Ying Ting and ERROR member Fatboy while paying a New Year visit to Sandra Ng Kwan Yu ran into Charmaine Sheh Si Man. He happily said, "At the time we even played mahjong together. She was super fun. I have been watching her television series since I was little. I never thought that I would have a chance to play mahjong with her. (Did her presence stun you?) She put on no air at all, she was super nice. We asked her for acting advice. She said that she has seen all of KING MAKER season one. (Did you talk about working together?) For now I don't dare to say. If the opportunity would present itself of course it would be great, being able to work with an actor with so much experience. I hope when (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu would start production on a movie, I would have the chance to work with Ah Sheh."

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